Raya Checklist 2021: Where to Spend and Save

Raya is in just a couple of days! While this year’s celebration would probably not be as festive as the previous years (interstate travel is still prohibited and open houses are a No-No 👠), there are still some money preparations that need to be done this season. Let’s take a look at them! 

Zakat Fitrah 🤝

Zakat fitrah is an obligatory charity to be paid by Muslims of all ages at the end of Ramadan to aid the less fortunate. Typically, the rate of zakat fitrah is equal to 2.7kg of rice 🍚. Depending on your household, you can opt for different types of rice for you to contribute. 

In Malaysia, there are generally three categories of rice that you can choose from. Category 1 is super special local rice 5% (RM7), Category 2 is imported white rice or fragrant rice (RM14) and Category 3 is Japanese or basmati rice (RM 21). Since Ramadan is all about bersedekah, the more you give, the better! #sharingiscaring

Raya Outfit 👠

On Hari Raya, it is advisable for Muslims to wear their best clothes to follow the Prophet’s practice. This doesn’t necessarily mean NEW clothes though! If you want to save money and time, wearing last year’s baju kurung or baju Melayu is one way to go about it. 

Though, if your motto for the gram is ‘to never wear the same outfit twíce’, consider window shopping first before buying your baju Raya. Compare the prices, and think carefully about how often you’ll be wearing it. Is it really worth spending RM600 for a ✨vavavoom✨ baju kurung that you’ll only wear twice a year? 

Okay, don’t do this.

Kuih Raya 

Almond London, pineapple tarts, kuih semperit. Ahhh Hari Raya would not be complete without kuih raya. Years ago you might be able to buy one big container below RM15, but today’s rate starts at RM18 for a small container! The price could also go up to RM25 or RM30 if you prefer some premium ingredients like Belgium chocolate chips or Biscoff spread. 

One trick of getting cheaper kuih raya is to buy in bulk. Watch out for promotions or…bargain with the seller 😉 but remember, as much as you want to save, don’t ask for too much of a discount. They are trying to make a living in this economy too. The best alternative? Make your own kuih raya! Make it a family activity this MCO, and vote on recipes to make. YouTube has tonnes of tutorials that you can refer to. You can even get around 10 containers of kuih raya for less than RM100 if you make them! #triedandtested

Duit Raya 💵

When it comes to duit raya, it is best to give out within your budget. Duit raya is a gift after all. Do not feel pressured to give RM10 per child if this will cause you to eat cornflakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the end of the month. Why not give a different amount based on the child’s age instead? 

If you are planning to give physical duit raya, go to the bank 🏦 as early as you can to avoid the crowd. You can ditch the duit raya envelope altogether and opt for e-duit raya 📱for a more eco-friendly alternative. It’s more convenient and you can also maintain your social distance by doing so! 

Hygiene Tool 🧼

Prepare sanitisers, face masks, disinfectant and perhaps a thermometer if you are expecting some guests coming over to your home this Raya (after the MCO, of course). It is always better to be well-prepared. No hugging or handshaking people from different households too, alright? 

On that note, make sure that there are no more than 15 people in your house if you do reside in the MCO areas. Remember, not adhering to the SOP might burn a big hole in your pocket as the compound ranges from RM1,000 up to RM50,000 per person 😱. This amount could be used for your savings or investment. 

Vehicle Upkeep 🚘

Travel restrictions mean that this year, less money will be used on servicing vehicles for long travels. Still, the money that you have put aside for your car or motor service should not be used for other expenditures especially if you are due to visit the mechanic soon. You can also use this saved amount to pay for your future motor insurance or road tax renewal. 

We hope that this short list reminds you of what you have to prepare and where you can save on this Eid. From the bottom of our hearts, we at HeyAlfred would like to wish you a Happy Eid Mubarak💕! 

May you be blessed with good health, loads of love and a bunch of duit raya this month. #staysafe #kitajagakita #LindungDiriLindungSemua 

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