PRAWN STAR – Muhiyiddin and his RM6,000 bill

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Teka teki: Haiwan apa ada dua huruf saje?

Jawapan: Udang – U dan G


This week, we were all abuzz with news of how much it costs to feed Malaysian Government MPs lunch during a workday – anywhere from RM6,000 to RM10,000. These lunches consist of luxe dishes like udang galah, crabs and ikan patin. 

Stories surfaced of who exactly paid: some say the daily Parliament lunches were GLC-sponsored, some say it was the rakyat’s money, someone said one of the MPs belanja (this one take with a grain of salt ya).

Whichever one it was… people wanted to see the receipts. 

And for a good frickin’ reason – if it was really OUR taxpayer money, we deserve to know right?! Give us a proper breakdown, everything has to be accounted for! 😤

The government had been STRIPPED NAKED…


Was it awkward? 


Did it make some people uncomfortable?

For sure.

Was it without a doubt completely NECESSARY? 

Oh absolutely.

Here’s the thing. This SHOULDN’T be as rare an occasion as it was.

We SHOULD be able to see where our hard-earned money is going – this is how accountability takes place. 

So why is baring it all (financially) something we FEAR?

This goes down to a personal level – somehow in our adulthood we’ve been ingrained to AVOID discussing the nitty-gritty of our personal finances (income, debts, spending). For the sake of keeping it PG-13 and all that. 

But you know what?

We say, keep your money R-Rated XXXXXX.

The only people who SHOULD be secretive about their money are the ones with something to hide. So unless you’re planning on evading taxes or spending someone else’s money on udang galah on a casual Tuesday afternoon, we at HeyAlfred are encouraging you to get comfortable with getting (financially) naked i.e. TALK 👏🏼. ABOUT 👏🏼. MONEY 👏🏼.

  • Talk to your colleagues and friends about your incomes – that way you get a clearer picture of how much MORE you could be earning.
    (Honestly the ONLY people who benefit from you keeping quiet about your income? Your employers 🙄)

  • Talk to your family or financially-savvy pals about your debts – what advice do they have about creating an efficient debt-repayment plan?  
  • Talk constantly about your future goals and plans – verbalising them makes it concrete in your mind, so you’ll work harder towards saving the money you need for the future. 

It’s time to strip down and get naked*.
*with your money.

Strip your finances down and get intimate with it!
Familiarise yourself with every crack and crevice in your bank accounts with the HeyAlfred app – you can link multiple bank accounts and e-wallets, track every single spending down to the last sen and create super duper simple budgets. You’ll never understand your money better 😉