Planning a Post COVID-19 Vacation – Go Big or Go Home?

Vacation. Holidays. 
Do you know the similarities of these words? 

They both have eight letters.
They basically mean the same thing.
And they were both cancelled 🥲

But with the vaccination rate steadily increasing, the reopening of economic sectors, and the relaxation of movement across borders for some states, it’s safe to say that we can expect the tourism industry to resume soon.

forrest gump running for a vacation
Malaysians when the government lifts the travel ban

As we’re now living in the new normal, stay up to date on health and safety guidelines as a precaution to prevent future outbreaks while travelling 😉 

Now, before you start planning that dream vacation again, think about how much vacation you can truly afford. After all, the pandemic definitely took a toll on many of our finances and we can assure you that you’re not the only one that has a tropical beach vacation kind of money. 

Perhaps for some, a realistic vacation might just be going for a refreshing dip in our beautiful waterfalls over the weekend or even just a little time off of work. 

What’s Ahead: 

Figuring out if you can even afford a vacation right now.
Creating a vacation budget.
Pick a destination (A realistic one, please! 😒)
Make reservations in advance.
Make sure you have travel insurance (NO JOKE!)
Positivity is key.

Figuring out if you can even afford a vacation right now.

Ask yourself, “Can I afford a vacation right now?” They can be pretty expensive but with the right mindset and setting realistic expectations, it’s going to be worth the time and effort. Some basic but crucial questions you should ask yourself: 

Can I pay for my basic expenses like housing, food, utility bills, other commitments, etc if I spend it on this vacation?

Do I have enough money saved to cover any lost hours at work? 

Will taking a vacation further strain my budget more than I can handle? 

Another point to look at is to know whether it would impact your savings goal but if it doesn’t affect your current savings, it’s alright to not save for that period of time as we know you deserve this vacation 😊
Tapi jangan la lebih-lebih.

bartender needing a vacation

Creating a vacation budget 

When you can afford a vacation, plan out the budget to keep yourself in check and avoid any unnecessary expenses. Identify the costs for the following: 

Transportation and travel
Activities (depending on what you’re planning to do)
Pocket money

Don’t forget at-home expenses like a house sitter if you have a pet and you’ll be gone for a while. 

Pick a destination (A realistic one, please! 😒)

Here’s the exciting part but consider the following before deciding: 

Avoid tourist destinations

We don’t think you want to be stuck in a hotel filled with people from all corners of Malaysia or a long queue at Legoland or Sunway Lagoon 😂

Whether you’re travelling domestically or abroad, you should always try to avoid tourist destinations during peak times because once the travel ban is lifted, that’s the peak time 🙃 

Keep your budget in mind

If you find yourself making too many sacrifices in your budget in order to go for that dream vacation, it may be time to dream of different sights. The world isn’t going anywhere, friend 😊

Make reservations in advance.

When booking accommodations, check whether they have a cancellation policy and only do so with places that allow refunds if you have to cancel your trip. For those who made bookings and reservations before the pandemic started, you should know 👀

Make sure you have travel insurance (NO JOKE!)

The pandemic has taught us to always sediakan payung sebelum hujan. So always think it’s going to hujan because you never know when you’ll need to reschedule or cancel your trip. Travel insurance can, well, ensure you won’t lose the money you’ve spent for all those bookings and reservations. 

Positivity is key.

As COVID-19 continues to affect every corner of the world, albeit on a much smaller scale, be prepared for your vacation plans to be impacted as well. You never know, another lockdown may be needed to curb the spread of this disease so it’s always good to have a positive mindset to ensure that whatever happens, we’re always looking at the bright side… and the bright side is always greener  💵.

Are you going on a vacation after the travel ban is lifted or currently planning one? Share it with us on social media!