Money is NOT a Goal.

It’s a tool.

Money is like Tools

“I want more money” 🤑

“I need to save more money” 🤧

Wish I was richer” 😣

People get caught up with the idea of ‘more money’ as the end goal, and the ultimate solution to all problems. But money is just a thing you use for your priorities. Sometimes you use it to pay rent. Sometimes you use it to buy things.

It’s not good or bad. You may depend on it, but it’s just a tool. 

Tools are meant to be used.

Not meant to just sit there and collect dust.

Even when you’re saving money, you’re simply storing it for later use. By spending that money, you’re using the best tool available to get the job done.

Use the right tool

Here are a few tips to set financial goals instead:

1. Define your ‘why’ 🤔

Why do you need more money? It helps to give your budget a clear goal, one that you can base all money decisions on.

Example: I want afford the downpayment for a house in 3 years’ time.

2. Create spending priorities 👆

List down what spending brings you the most joy (aside from your needs). When you define your priorities, it’s easier to use the tool efficiently.

Example: I like going out to eat, but I love travelling with my family.

That means spending less on restaurants so you can save up for trips.

3. Take baby steps 👣

Focus on small steps and tiny actions that will get you to your bigger goal. Saving RM 50 a week is a lot more doable than say, a goal of RM 40,000.

This mindset shift makes your goal more action-focused, so you’re more likely to take action and feel in control.

Mindset change on seeing money as a tool

If your goal is ‘more money’, chances are you’ll never feel like you have enough.

Remember: Money is a tool – it’s a means to an end, but not the end itself.

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