I’m Too Scared To Ask For Financial Help

“I Need Help”

3 simple words. Yet most of us would rather have a tooth pulled out than say this out loud…especially when it comes to our personal finances. Asking for financial help? Uh… 😖

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Why don’t we seek for help when we need to? 🤔

Where To Start Ah? – Dealing with your finances can be confusing. Some don’t seek financial help because they don’t know where to begin with it all, or are so bogged down, that they don’t feel they can get round to it.

Overwhelmed Liao – Debt can sneak up, and bad habits can add up faster than you know. This results in a BIG amount of money owed than expected, and some hefty repayments to make.

Avoiding “The Issue”Maybe overwhelmed by the amount owed, or still spending away, some people spend too long avoiding the issue of their debt, and simply fail to seek financial help because that would mean confronting it.

Pride (Abit Ego) – Nobody wants to be in a bad financial situation, but it actually happens to more people than you would imagine. Pride is a common factor that stops people from getting help in any situation, especially when it comes down to money. 

But honestly, it can be difficult to admit the situation you’re in, both to yourself and to those that you are seeking help from.

Don’t Even Realize It’s A Problem – Debt is not a major problem if it is kept under control, and if there’s not much uncalled spending. Most who get into trouble don’t even realize that their spending is a problem.

And finally – FEAR

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Money is still a taboo subject.

Talking about money comes with a lot of FEAR. 👽

FEAR of being judged.

FEAR of being seen as too needy.

FEAR of revealing your struggles and that you DON’T have it together.

But get this – you are NOT alone. So many have been in your situation, but so many have also gotten past their fears to seek help from someone else.

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In cases of financial hardships or troubles with debt,  encouragement from loved one or professionals could actually be all you need, be it in the form of advice, financial management and budgeting, or a debt solution strategy.

So whether it’s asking for a loan or asking for investing advice, here are some ways to start :

1) Determine what kind of help you’d like

Is it just advice on how to cut down costs, or do you need an emergency loan?

2) Determine the best people to ask

A family member? A friend? A stranger, someone who is an expert?

3) Practice what you’ll say. 

To lessen your fears, try different approaches until you find one you’re comfortable with. Practice it so you’ll feel more confident.

4) Schedule a time to talk. 

Let them know you have something to discuss, and be honest.

Asking for help allows others to share their advice and knowledge with. Don’t think of it as an inconvenience to them – one taught is twice learned after all. 🙌

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The Weak Don’t Ask For Help…The Strong Do

You may think you don’t ask for help because you’re ~’independent’. That for every “I’ve got this” means you are STRONG, and not WEAK. But when you’re alone behind closed doors, with no one watching…

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So on the days you find yourself exhausted, frustrated and struggling, ask yourself:

“Am I being honest about what I’m capable of?”

“Do I avoid asking for help because I feel embarrassed and scared of looking stupid?” 

“Is not asking for help ‘independence’, or is it an inability to properly communicate what I need?”

There’s perceived strength, and then there’s the power of acknowledging that you are NOT perfect. That you cannot do it all, and that you shouldn’t have to.

And that’s strength. 💪

Ask for help. It’s the human thing to do. ❤️

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