Boredom is Better Than Motivation


You see, the thing is, it’s easy to stick to your goals when you’re motivated.

Feeling motivated comes when the reward is clear and things are going well – you feel passionate and can’t wait to move forward with the task at hand.

Feeling motivated is awesome!


What happens when years pass with no result? 😤

When nobody is paying attention to you? 🥺

What happens when you get bored? 🥱

bored, unmotivated


All of us walk into the New Year motivated to smash our goals in January. You know it, the “New Year, same-but-slightly-improved-me” 👊🔥💪 But admittedly, as the months pass, it can get harder to stick to them.

The key 🗝 is sticking to the plan even when things get boring. It comes down to who can handle the boredom of doing the same thing every day, without fail.

pure motivation

The way to expand your freedom is to narrow your focus.

  • stay focused on training to achieve physical freedom
  • stay focused on learning to achieve intellectual freedom
  • stay focused on saving to achieve financial freedom


bored af!

Successful people continue to work even when things aren’t exciting anymore. So instead of focusing on your goal, think about the daily steps that will get you there. Then, be consistent and don’t stop.

Want to lose weight? Focus on exercising 10 mins a day and adding more vegetables to every dinner. 🥦 🥪 🏋️‍♀️

Want to learn a new skill? Dedicate a couple of hours a day on reading blogs or watching videos on ‘how-tos’.

Want to make more money? Focus on pitching to new clients every day, or learning a new on-demand skill. 💻 🔧 📊

Learn to fall in love with the journey, and not the destination.

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