Your money,
all in one.

HeyAlfred helps you stop wasting money
and start making better financial decisions.

🍔 “Track Your Finances Easily”

Link all your bank accounts and wallets to keep an eye on every transaction. We’ll help you break down your spending into different categories so you know exactly when and where you spent your money.

💰 “Create Budgets You Can Stick To”

Set realistic monthly budgets based on your goals and lifestyle. We’ll even warn you before you overspend – sort of like a strict ama, but cuter ?.

🏦 Save Stress-Free

Planning on buying a car at the end of the year? Need RM1000 to go on holiday? Wanna pay off all your debts by 35? DONE! HeyAlfred will assess your finances and help find hidden savings in places you’ll never think to look.


You can whip out the calculator and punch in numbers all you want but let’s face it – you’re human. You slip up, make mistakes, and not only can you lose sense… but also… CENTS!

This is where HeyAlfred comes in.

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